English speaking dentist in Heidelberg

Charles A.Smith DDS– Your English speaking dentist in HeidelbergEnglish-speaking-Dentist

Charles A. Smith DDS is an English speaking dentist in Heidelberg who knows about the importance of patients and dentist understanding each other – literally! In order to provide transparent dental care, we want our patients to always know and understand what is going on during their dental treatment. It is also very important to us that our patients are able to ask questions and that they get comprehensible, detailed answers from us.

Your appointment at our practice without any language-barrier

Dentist Charles A. Smith and his practice team are fluent in German and in English – for an appointment without stress caused by any language-barrier.
As an English speaking dentist in Heidelberg, Charles Smith is able to offer his whole range of services to English speaking patients, too.

There are many good reasons to see an English speaking dentist

There are many different reasons why people are looking for an English speaking dentist in Heidelberg. Maybe you are on a business trip and suddenly have a dental emergency? Or you’re an American or an Englishman, living in the beautiful town of Heidelberg and want to experience your dental treatment in a familiar atmosphere? Maybe you are travelling here especially for Charles A. Smith’s internationally renowned range of services and his specialization in aesthetic dentistry? For whatever reason you are looking for an English speaking dentist in Heidelberg: Charles A. Smith and his team are here for you!

Your English speaking dentist from the U.S., now in Heidelberg

If you’re looking for an English speaking dentist in Heidelberg, Charles A. Smith, DDS is the best choice for you! He grew up in the USA, so you can be sure to have a native speaker as your dentist. He visited the University of Buffalo, School of Medicine, where he studied to become a dentist. He concluded many advanced trainings in the field of neuromuscular- and aesthetical dentistry, which make him a very experienced professional. He has been living in Germany for more than 10 years and is of course fluent in German.

We are here for you, as your English speaking dental practice in Heidelberg!

Are you looking for an English speaking dentist in Heidelberg? Do you have questions regarding our range of services? Contact us and arrange an appointment with our friendly dental practice team in Heidelberg. Our whole team is fluent in English and German, so feel free to talk English to us on the phone. We are looking forward to meeting you!