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Edward, Heidelberg

Invisalign was a great alternative to standard braces. Barely noticeable and the results speak for themselves. I was skeptical about doing bleaching directly afterward but I’m ridiculously grateful that I did – It made a huge difference and is literally night and day compered to my theeth’s original colour!

Ahmed, Kuwait

I suffer from TMD| was experiencing 6 years of chronic headaches| other painful symptoms. Charles A. Smith DDS was beyond excellent in pin pointing my problem| improvements started from day one. I recommend Mr. Smith for anyone suffering headaches| TMD problems as his excellence| professionalism makes him unique| a perfectionist

Chad, Kloppenheim

Dentist Charles Smith provided my son with excellent dental and orthodontic care. We told our son this is the best gift we can give him – braces. Through Charles Smith the gift will endlessly provide my son with the opportunity for a healthy mouth that looks great. We hope this experience will give him a life-long focus to take care of his teeth as carefully as Charles A. Smith did throughout the treatment.

Noor, Jordan

I had a deep bite and pain in my jaw. I had pain in the muscles of my face as well. I wanted new, healthy, nice teeth. Mr. Smith did a perfect job. I believe Charles Smith was born to change smiles. I did crowns and fixed my bite at the same time. I am so happy! I advise anyone who has pain in their jaw to fix the bite with Charles Smith. I’m feeling wonderful now. No stress or pain. I’m very happy. Thank you Mr. Smith! And a special thank as well to the rest of the team!

Donald, Oberursel

Having often noticed the shape of my teeth the fine cracks in the front portion; grinding down of the teeth an night over the years, my teeth were becoming more and more susceptible to further damage. I decided to have a dental evaluation on correcting the frontal portion only of the teeth. Several molars had been capped by other dentist years before however, the material used in that work was not very pleasant and needed to be replaced. After a complete oral examination a discussion of the options, cost and end results I decided to have all my teeth crowned and seeing in the end, that was the best choice. The procedure was much shorter than anticipated, with no discomfort or pain. The final results showed my teeth in their original form and very natural and very, very comfortable. Extremely satisfied!

Andrea Brown, Mons, Belgien

Facial pain and extreme headaches

For the past ten years, I suffered from progressively worse head and facial pain, which often resulted in extreme headaches. To resolve the problem I had resorted to physiotherapy and pharmaceutical solutions, however they only provided short-term relief. The underlying reasons for my problems were never identified by any dentists or doctors that I consulted.

In the spring of 2008 I paid my first visit to dentist Charles Smith, DDS. During my first check-up with him, and without any prior knowledge of my problems, Mr. Smith began to ask if I had been experiencing head pain. He explained what was causing my pain and provided me with various options. After an initial period of consideration, I agreed to undergo the type of neuromuscular treatment Charles Smith recommended. Although the initial treatment and appliance were uncomfortable for the first few days, my headaches began to disappear. Within three weeks the change felt fully natural. Now, after several months I have begun my smile makeover to make the changes permanent.

I am now looking forward to an improved quality of life and would recommend this treatment to anyone else suffering from similar problems.

Thank you Charles Smith!

Andrea Brown Mons, Belgium

Kimberly Biggins, Schweinfurt, Deutschland

A new smile

Being afraid of dentists, and knowing the problems that I faced when I did finally go, I was very apprehensive to go to any dentist. But after reading about dentist Charles A. Smith DDS, I decided to give him a try. I’m so glad I did. Before going to Mr Smith’s, I suffered headaches, neck aches, and obviously toothaches. He assured me, along with his staff that they could definitely help me, and through my treatment, and Mr Smith fixing my smile, I am a whole new person. I can smile and laugh and not have to hide my mouth. I haven’t suffered from headaches, and THAT is a bonus in its self. Making the decision has really changed my whole outlook on life and I am certainly a more confident person.

Thank you Charles Smith and staff, you are the best!

Kimberly Biggins, Schweinfurt, Germany

Multiple Sclerosis no more!

About 15 years ago I suddenly began experiencing a loss of coordination and experiencing numbness in my extremities. I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. After a second opinion, this diagnosis was rejected, but the staff at the Mayo Clinic was unable to name a reason for these symptoms. Shortly thereafter I had the amalgam fillings removed from my teeth as a part of the entire process with Charles A. Smith DDS to correct my bite. The symptoms of MS faded away and I have been able to be much more athletic since then! They always would go out of their way to ensure my comfort and understanding of the procedures. At the completion of the process to make my new bite permanent with crowns, the change in my appearance in my appearance was remarkable. Not only do I have a fantastic smile, but also the changes in response from those around me are amazing. Although I had a seemingly normal looking face and smile before, after the procedure, people were more friendly and accommodating to me. I received much more eye contact and was treated both with more respect and more engagement from those around me.

Jeremy Kurtz, Darmstadt, Germany

Rodney H., Liverpool, England

Clear Braces

I have just finished my Invisalign treatment and I can honestly say that my experience has been a great success. My teeth are perfect and by getting them whitened my smile is one that everyone I now meet comments on.

Thank you Charles Smith DDS and team for making this happen.

Rodney H., Liverpool, England

Headache Relief

I routinely suffered from headaches and mild facial and neck pain for years and for as long as I remember, dentists have told me I grind my teeth during the night. I never thought the two were related until I visited dentist Charles A. Smith, DDS. Mr. Smith carefully examined my teeth and determined my jaw structure was misaligned. He explained that I might benefit from a painless long-term treatment he whole-heartedly believes in.

Eager for relief but still suspicious that such a treatment would work I agreed to the treatment in April 09, when I was fitted with a neuromuscular orthotic. Two months later my headaches and all other pains were gone! In addition to pain relief I now sleep much better and thus have more energy during the day.

N. Albarillo, Leimen, Germany

Sleeping Better

Grinding my teeth caused my neck and head to ache as I involuntarily clenched my jaw muscles. Since I did this during the night as well as the daytime, I was unable to sleep for more than 1-2 hours at a time without waking up. As a result, I was tired.

My teeth began to show evidence of being worn down and I noticed that my teeth affected my overall health until Charles Smith DDS diagnosed my condition during a routine dental exam. I began wearing the neuromuscular appliance he made specifically for me. Almost immediately, I noticed that I was sleeping more than three hours at a time and I had less head and earaches as a result. I have now been wearing the appliance for eight months and sleep between 4-5 hours at a time without waking up. I no longer hear that annoying clicking noise when I eat and the appliance fits so well that I don’t notice that I have it in my mouth.

Carolyn Guth, Leimen, Germany