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Travel Dentistry

Many patients travel to dentist Charles Smith from all over Europe, the British Isles, and the Middle East. He provides a high level of care, excellence in aesthetic and functional dentistry, as well as unique neuromuscular care that is not easily offered throughout Europe. Our team provides world class dental care of VIP Executives and persons requiring the most comprehensive treatment.

Of course we are fluent in English as well as German. Dentist Charles Smith himself is an English native speaker and proud to be your English speaking dentist in Heidelberg.

Patients experience the highest level of care and technique found on a world-class basis. We have the capability to make a comprehensive full mouth rehabilitation (28 teeth) in as short as a few days.


On the first day of arrival, patients have an introduction to the office and the treatment is planned. The second day is the preparation under sedation, local anesthetic or full narcosis. The teeth are temporized and the patient can get an early view of their teeth before completion. This is unique to our office! Typically patients take the next few days to visit the beautiful city of Heidelberg or travel on short trips. For example, easy areas to access include the Middle Rhine River, Black Forest, German Wine Street, or the Alsace region of France. Upon their return, a beautiful new smile is delivered. In the end, the highest quality of aesthetics is achieved, the correct position of the jaw and occlusion is set, and the patient leaves with a healthy, renewed smile. Because dental treatment is a very personal experience, your experience will be tailored to your individual needs unlike larger clinics attempting to offer this service. You will leave feeling that your choice is confirmed in your beautiful new smile.

We offer complimentary shuttle for our out of town guests from the Frankfurt International Airport, which is 45 minutes from Heidelberg. We also recommend some accommodations below that will satisfy any traveler.



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