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DNA Appliance

Charles A. Smith DDS is the first certified provider of the DNA appliance™ in Europe!

The DNA appliance is a removable orthodontic appliance that treats the teeth, jaws, temporomandibular joints (TMJ), face and airway for optimal growth and development by engaging the patient’s underlying genetics. There is a tendency for us to assume that how we turn out is a result of out genetic inheritance, and that genetics is the template for the foundation. The problem is that how we turn out is a result of epigenetics, not genetics. Epigenetics is the mix between the genetic template and the influence of the environment. If the signaling to the genes changes as a result of the environment, the end result can be very different from the genetic template.

The DNA appliance™ – How does it work?

This appliance engages the primary, health driven, biological patterns to awaken by gentle stimulation the underlying genetic structure in both children and adults. Functional forces are used to nurture growth by gently stimulating the ability of tissue to grow and remodel. The DNA appliance is revolutionary in this regard because it has been shown in scientific studies to grow bone, and reshape facial and airway morphology. This functional appliance can be used in multiple dental applications.

The DNA appliance™ can be used in:

  • Severe orthodontic crowding in one or both arches
  • Straightening and aesthetically developing the healthy alignment of the teeth and dental arches
  • Treating TMJ disorders
  • Non-surgically treating the oro and nasopharyngeal airway space
  • Reducing and eliminating snoring and obstructive sleep apnea

This unique removable appliance, based upon a FDA approved and patented design, is worn like a dental or orthodontic retainer. However, it is only worn in the evening/night and gently guides the teeth, jaws, facial bones and airway into a more optimal spatial position, aiding sleep and breathing patterns. In contrast to other appliances that rely on continuous force only – which damages sensitive tissue, the DNA appliance™ applies intermittent force, providing a resting period for the tissues between nightly use.

The DNA Appliance:

  • Treatment time is 6 to 15 months
  • Worn 10 to 14 hours per day (evening/night)
  • Treatment of all ages
  • Grows jaw bone, opens airway
  • Eliminates surgical necessity to correct orthodontic and airway issues
  • Following treatment, no need for lifetime appliances or CPAP
  • Discrete, no one knows your in treatment
  • Painless

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