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Sleep Apnea Test WatchPAT

When was the last time you had a good night’s sleep?

Diagnosing sleep-related breathing disorders is now easier than ever!!!


Introducing the WatchPAT 200!

Recently, we have a new type of examination method in our practice for determining breathing pauses and clarifying sleeping patterns at night.
Compared to the conventional sleep apnea screening, the WatchPAT offers the possibility of determining sleep stages, REM phases, the actual real sleep time, the oxygen desaturation of the blood, as well as snoring behavior in extreme detail and in contrast to an examination in a sleep laboratory, it can be done at home!
This has become possible thanks to new findings in neurobiology and vascular medicine: the slightest changes in the vascular tone, volume changes in the finger arteries and the oxygen saturation in the blood, as well as the pulse are measured and from this, sleep stages, REM phases, breathing pauses and minimal wake-up reactions.

Sleepobservation with the WatchPAT 200


Diagnosis with the WatchPAT is very easy and convenient!

The WatchPAT is worn on the wrist like a large wristwatch and leads to easily readable results without wires and constrictions caused by abdominal or chest straps. A microphone only has to be glued to the chest area.
In terms of the informative value of the examination results, they largely correspond to a polysomnography performed in an inpatient setting. Charles Smith DDS will sit with each patient personally to discuss the results and necessary treatment options.
The diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea with the WatchPAT is covered by private health insurances. For those with public health insurance, the examination is possible as a self-paying service.

Sleep Test with the watchPAT200